Quick Round Up

I had intended to write a ‘proper’ newsletter to mark the end of this Autumn’s courses, but you know you’re a goner once the shops start playing Chris Rea’s Driving Home For Christmas, so I guess that was a bit ambitious!

Instead, I want to thank every one of you for your wonderful support and feedback over the four months since the Cambridge Writing Retreat was launched. There’s a very entertaining Ted Talk on YouTube called ‘How To Start A Movement’. Crucially, it’s not (in that case) the nutter who starts the ‘movement’ by dancing alone in the middle of a field, but the second, who follows. From there it gathers momentum until everyone is on their feet and boogying. Each of you have been my ‘second person’ in this whole enterprise, by taking a little leap of faith and signing up for a course on a brand new venture, not knowing what you’d get or how it would be (which of course makes me that nutter….)

From my perspective, it has been everything I hoped it would be. I’ve shared my home with you fab, creative, warm people and been incredibly moved by your trust and willingness to give it a go. Even the most diffident among you have shared your work, and it’s been humbling to see you grow in confidence as the day (and, in the case of you Poetry Brothel lot, the weekend!) went on.

I couldn’t have done this without the support of my little team, Alex Ruczaj and Jess Evans, who have worked hard behind the scenes helping to organise, promote and keep me on track, and of course my long-suffering family, who absented themselves so that we could all have the peace and space to write and learn. 

It’s been a great pleasure to meet you (numerous times in the case of AJ and Phil, my first regulars!) and to be part of your writing journey. Long may that continue. I am planning next Spring’s programme starting in February, all being well. There will be various types of fiction courses, including, amongst others, How To Get Started, Plotting The Plot, Crime Fiction, as well as Poetry in various guises, Writing For Children, Food Writing, Memoir and Travel, and Script Writing. So keep an eye on the website, and I very much hope to see you again soon.

Have a wonderful festive season, have fun, weather the hangovers, and make some time to pursue your writing in the middle of the Christmas mayhem. I wish you health, happiness and inspiration in 2019.

With love from Gaynor, Pepper and Wilfie (looking suitably ‘Dean Martin’ in the photo below!)


Wilf the Dog.JPG
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